Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man of Steel’s newest video goes behind the scenes of the Battle of Smallville

Nolan, Snyder, and A+ cast? Not to mention some mind blowing advertisements and an incredible amount of early praise? This will be the most anticipated movie of the year by far!

The Man of Steel marketing continues full force! As comments from director Zack Snyder, writers David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan appear online with increasing frequency, a brand new featurette gives yet another look behind the scenes at the challenges of modernizing Superman, and why Snyder needed to be convinced that the ‘Superman problem’ had finally been cracked.

Featuring a look at more of the Smallville sets, the battle that rocks the small town to its foundations and comments from the cast and crew, this new featurette proves that there is still plenty of Man of Steel left to surprise fans. And plenty of enemies, as well.

Given the passion for comic books in general, and Superman in particular, Snyder would have killed for a chance to direct a Superman film. He’s also claimed since landing the job that if any comic book hero should be ruling the box office and the hearts’ of audiences, it’s Superman. But even with that much enthusiasm, the director didn’t jump at the opportunity to direct the film when Christopher Nolan came calling.

As Deborah Snyder points out in the video, the key to convincing the director was a script that achieved the impossible: it made Superman relatable. Since the Snyders were both skeptical, it lends credence to Goyer’s claims that Man of Steel will tell a much-needed story of the hero’s origin; as if it were real, and focused more on real-world themes like fatherhood and adoption than fantasy or magical meteorites.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Smallville, like Krypton, will be playing a larger role than in any prior film. Where Krypton’s scenes will help to explain the motivations of both Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and General Zod (Michael Shannon), Smallville will be used to hurt Kal-El where he’s most vulnerable. Nolan fans will be happy to see that a majority of the action looks to be shot on actual sets, despite Snyder being best known for his green screen talents. Of course, the special effects team(s) will have their hands full as well.

Trailers featuring the movie’s stars praising their director is nothing new, but in the case of Man of Steel, Snyder is most certainly the man guiding every aspect of production. Without a second unit – meaning Snyder is overseeing every shot of the movie – and a commitment to film using only handheld cameras, where Nolan and Goyer can claim credit for the story, Snyder will be to thank (or blame) for a majority of the film; which could make his future a whole lot busier.

It’s no secret that Justice League is on the minds of all executives at Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and if a film was to be developed in the near future, Zack Snyder seems to be at the top of a very short list of directors. He appears to be the kind of director fans would demand: he has a clear and outspoken adoration for DC’s characters, is committed to making heroes realistic (and still fantastic), and believes that practical sets and drama is a core ingredient in a modern superhero film.

Of course, if Man of Steel is the success we all expect it to be (with the assembled talent it’s practically a lock) then the demand for a direct sequel might just outweigh the desire for a team-up with an unknown group of fellow heroes. A sequel seems the most logical step as rumors of a script are already circling, but that’s assuming Snyder, Nolan and Goyer are willing to stay with the franchise.

Man of Steel finally releases in June, and Warner Bros. opens up about their coming plans at San Diego Comic-Con in July. That's all for today and do stay tuned with us for more on Man of Steel.

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