Sunday, June 2, 2013

Watch Man of Steel YouTube Featurette

June has arrived, and the man of steel, in addition to showcase some of the most exciting film for the new 13-minute documentary courtesy Warner Bros. will Featurette also includes comments from screenwriter David S. Goyer, director Zack Snyder and the actors and film history , character and tone, scale and size of the filmmakers part.

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Less than two weeks my dear man of steel restoration of the DC Comics character Superman cape came theater. One of the things I find particularly interesting documentary on the earth's history, all the talk is actually familiar to television viewers. "Our strategy has not been a Superman comic book," says Goyer. "It was just to make a more realistic Superman. Fact that there is a Superman in the real world." They seem intent on bringing history Preferences families. Krypton, Smallville and Metropolis, among fans of the character should be used for this story, fantasy settings see, but the sight of a scene from the movie grounded in reality a 7-11 bit can make you feel better. Touching the heart of this character Superman with people like himself, as the aim is easily recognizable. Also their strengths, Superman is a symbol of hope. Russell Crowe says, "the potential of each person to be a force for good."

Some of the costumes "have an interesting conversation. They kept her coat, but I'm underwear. And some of the most iconic figures in other Kryptonian" S "to function.

All trailers and TV spots, this documentary jumbo size, not to mention fans eager to see the film at the cinema when there is certainly a lot to look at. Man of Steel was released in theaters on 14 June.

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